Create a recurring campaign

Recurring Campaign is a campaign that is scheduled to run at regular, specified intervals.

To create a Recurring Campaign, click on Recurring Campaign during the campaign creation process.

Follow the steps of the campaign process carefully – you will have a chance to select a contact list, edit campaign settings and content, as well as test your email to make sure it will go through without a hitch.

At the final step of the campaign wizard you will be able to set a delivery schedule. You can schedule the days and times it will recur, as well as the date you want your recurring campaign to start. You will also be able to select when it ends: NeverOn (a specific date), or No more than (how many days the campaign will run for.)

Tip: You can add an RSS Feed to your recurring campaign! This will enable your to send an updated RSS feed of your website to your readers without having to worry about scheduling it manually every single time there’s an update.

You can also suspend a campaign if it no longer applies to your recipients. This action will also allow you to edit the campaign and resume sending it again at a later date.

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Updated on June 22, 2018

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