The date merge field

Dates can be inserted into your campaign or subject line using the [DATE] merge field.

Note: You cannot use the [DATE] merge field as a portion of a link.

Setting up the field


There are two parameters: A Digit and a Format.

The Digit: ‘0’ is the current date. You can add or subtract seconds to the date.

The format: commands how the date will show. The format used to display the date follows the PHP convention. The full list of formats is available online on the PHP site.

Note: Dates using long form (Monday, June 10) are only available in English.

An example

If the current date is June 10th, 2013:

[DATE|0|Y-m-d] will show the current date, displayed numerically: 2013-06-10.

[DATE|86400|m.d.y] will show 06.11.13 (as 86 400 seconds is equal to 24 hours).

[DATE|-259200|F j, Y] will show June 07, 2013 (as 259 200 seconds is equal to 3 days).

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Updated on October 19, 2017

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