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Difference between an open and an implied open

Your campaign has been sent and your contacts have opened it – so why does not the campaign show any statistics? This is where understanding the difference between an open and an implied open comes into play.

An “open” is recorded on your campaign report when a recipient opens and downloads an image that is in your campaign. To do this, the recipient must activate (display) all of the campaign’s images in one swoop. Remember that the system registers an open each time an image is viewed, which can record multiple distinct opens per recipient. In addition, it should be noted that anti-spam filters can also record a series of opens, and this, over a very short period of time as they verify the integrity of the links.

An “implied open” occurs when a recipient has clicked on one or more links in your campaign without actually having viewed or displayed the images. Your contacts who receive the text versions of your campaigns and who click on the links will be recorded as an “implied open.”

Be sure to inform your contacts to always click to allow the images to be displayed, and. to avoid any problems, encourage them to add you as a safe sender.

You can obtain a detailed “opens” report by accessing your delivered campaign and clicking on the “Detailed statistics” tab.

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Updated on August 9, 2018

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