How do I set up my DNS entries?

In order to maximize your clients’ deliverability, you should set your DNS entries. This will allow your clients to send campaigns from your domain.

To set up your DNS entries, go to Settings > Your Site Settings > Set up your DNS

In Step 1, enter your domain name (the same one you used to set up your Site URL)

In Step 2 you will see which tracking, bounce, and forward entries you can use. This is important if you would like all links to appear as sent from your own domain, not ours. (Tracking links are inserted upon delivery to your existing links)

This step will give you the information you need to add to your domain’s DNS. You will need to log into your hosting provider’s DNS panel to add these entries.

Once the changes are propagated, you will see a confirmation page. Please keep in mind changes can take several hours to propagate.

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Updated on October 21, 2017

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