Download statistics for a specific campaign

To view the statistics of a specific campaign, once the campaign is delivered, access it from your account’s “Campaigns” tab. You will have access to a variety of statistics: activity graph, detailed statistics, activity link, etc. Detailed statistics include: opens, unopens, undelivered, bounces, unsubscribed, spam, clicks, etc. To download a campaign’s detailed statistics, click on the “Detailed statistics” tab and then on the “Export” button.

You can even display a screenshot of a campaign. This will allow you to view a heatmap of its activity. To do this, when you are in a campaign, click on the “View campaign snapshots” option (left menu) and then click on the “View heatmap” tab.

To download the links’ detailed activity, click on the “Activity link” tab and then on the “Export” button.

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Updated on August 9, 2018

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