Getting new subscribers

  1. Generate email leads through quizzes, polls and surveys

There is a lot of fun to watch the way people play with your quizzes. It’s groovy when your polls go viral and your surveys are fulfilled. Besides customers’ engagement, you deserve to get something more – your users’ email addresses.

  1. Embed interactive content to your passive articles

Despite great content creation or even better deployment, your lead acquisition doesn’t look impressive. Probably, there is a gap between readers’ interest and their needs to be involved in the buyer’s journey. Your public has to be vivified. You can’t afford to not guide them to become leads.

  1. Convert feedback donator into email list prospect

Getting feedback allows you to improve your business. Furthermore, it also gives you a great opportunity to build a propitious relationship with customers. You can take advantage of these connections in a more productive way when the information from customers is enriched by email address.

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Updated on July 31, 2018

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