How do I edit sending limits?

Adjusting the sending limits for your clients need to be done prior to sending a campaign and it is up to you to adjust the limit for your sub-accounts as you see fit.

To increase the sending limits for one of your clients, hover over your client’s name under the Clients tab and click on Edit Sending Limits.

The maximum number you can assign each sub-account is dependent on the default limit set for your master account. You cannot assign an amount greater than that of the account above it, so if you receive an error saying “Limit too high!” it is because you have assigned a number greater than that of your own master account. All free accounts come with a pre-defined limit of 250 emails per month and 25 per campaign. You may also set the default limits for all new accounts that are created.

As the account reaches its sending limit, a notification will appear within the campaign wizard when attempting to schedule the mailing to go out. Until the limit is adjusted appropriately, mailings will not be sent.

If you need your sending limit increased, please contact our Support Team.

Please note: these sending limits are in place to protect you and to prevent abuse. They are built-in to the product are in place for every user. As a general rule, it is recommended you assign a limit 10% greater than the projected amount your clients plan to send per month.

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Updated on October 20, 2017

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