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Email template

How to create the first template

When creating your first email you need to organize your thoughts and the contents. Here are some easy steps to help guide you:

1-Think about your campaigns purpose. Do you want to give customers company details, share promotions, weekly digest, etc

2-Using the purpose of your campaign, what are the recurring sections? Quote of week, new inventory, new promotion, etc

3-Write the contents of each section. Keep in mind that the shorter and clearer the texts are, the better it is for conversion

4-Round up your company logo, colors, etc. This way, you can setup the template the right way from the start. Click on the top left settings button and choose your fonts, primary and secondary colors.

5-Click on add block and start adding the block types in order one after the other.

6- Copy paste your texts and upload your images. Et voila !

You are ready to send yourself a test and send your campaign.

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Updated on July 24, 2018

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