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I didn’t receive my email: troubleshoot

Check your Spam and Junk folders

If you’ve received the email in your Spam or Junk folder, read our article: My email went to my junk folder. Why?

Check the outbox

If it’s not in your Spam or Junk folder, click on the Outbox tab to see if the newsletter is there. If it’s there, check the status:

  • In queue: means there are delivery delays. Do not try to edit, reprogram or send your newsletter again because it will lose it’s place in the priority queue and go to the bottom of the list.
  • In review: means someone is currently looking at your newsletter because it was caught by our monitoring system. It should be released quickly or someone will contact you to advise you if there is any problem with your code or your content.

Your From email

If it’s not in your Junk or Spam folder and appears as sent in your account, one of the most common reasons why you haven’t receive your email is the From email. What are you using to send your email from?

@gmail @hotmail: even though they are convenient, most webmails addresses can cause issues to your delivery. They might or might not be delivered to your subscribers. For this uncertain situation, using a webmail address to send your emails is never a good idea.

@aol @yahoo: email addresses ending in @aol or @yahoo cannot be used anymore by a third party service like CakeMail; as a result, your email will almost certainly be blocked by your subscribers email provider.

Use your company domain email to send your email from: Using the domain of your website, where your company belongs @mycompany.com is always the best thing you can do to make sure not only the servers will let you go through but also your subscribers will recognize your company email address.

Moreover, authenticating your domain with DKIM/SPF will give permission to CakeMail to send on your behalf. If you can do it yourself, or can have someone help you in the process, it’s worthwhile.

Sending from @mycompany.com to @mycompany.com: If you are on the list of subscribers with the same email domain you are using to send and you don’t receive the email, it might be because your company server is blocking the email internally. It doesn’t recognize that CakeMail has the permission to use @mycompany.com to send on your behalf.

If you had already authenticate your email address, the best thing is to whitelist md02.com domain on your internal server. You’ll need to talk to the IT team to do that.

If the issue does not apply to any of those cases, please contact support, with as much details as possible. We’ll need:

  • Account name or email you use for login
  • Newsletter subject
  • Time sent
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Updated on September 4, 2018

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