Open rate

Note: we can only calculate this rate based on the number of people who displayed the images (open) or who clicked on a link in the email (implied open).

Your real open rate might be higher than the open rate reported because:

  • Most email clients don’t display images unless the sender is a “trusted sender” or the user clicks on the link to display images.
  • You might have a large portion of text-email (rather than HTML) recipients on your list.

Open Rate:

    (People who displayed images + People who clicked on a link)
            Total number of people you sent your email to

Expected results: Between 15% – 40%


  • Permission: Sending campaigns about content your subscribers actively opted in to receive
  • Relationship with the list: For example, an older, non-reconfirmed list will not perform nearly as well as a targeted campaign.
  • Get delivered: Internet Service Providers know exactly how many of their users are opening/clicking/deleting/ignoring your emails. If you are sending to an active list of people that are engaged with the content you are sending them, you’ll build your good reputation.
  • Frequency: Sending on a regular basis, which you should communicate to your subscribers.
  • Subject: Clear and explicit subjects will yield higher open rates.
  • Alternate views: Keep the [SHOWEMAIL] (“Open in a browser”) link in the header of your email
  • Multiplicity: A lot of links (since, as previously mentioned, links that are clicked are considered “implied opens”) and many small images.
  • Encouraging people to display images at the top of your email: A quick sentence like: “Not displaying the images? You’re missing out on the picture our latest arrival!” or “Experience this email to the fullest: display the images” can get your subscribers to show the images – yielding you more accurate results.

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Updated on October 11, 2018

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