[v3] Suppression list

A suppression list is a list that contains email addresses that you wish to permanently exclude from future emails you send using our service.

Suppressed manually

You may add any email address based on a prefix (name@), a domain (@domain.com), or by using the full email address (name@domain.com).

To manage your suppression list, go to your Settings > Manage Suppression Lists

Click on the Add an entry button at the top left.

You can only add individual emails.

Warning: it is impossible to delete an address from the suppression list in the interface EXCEPT for manual entries. For security reasons, all other requests to remove an address from the suppression list must be made in writing from the owner of the email.

Suppressed automatically

For security reasons, these addresses cannot be removed from the suppression list.

  • Spam complaint: subscribers that flag an email as spam get immediately added to the suppression list.
  • Unsubscribe request: subscribers who clicked on the [GLOBAL_UNSUBSCRIBE] link and do not want to receive any future emails.
  • Complaint: subscribers who have complained about one or more emails that they received.
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Updated on July 24, 2018

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