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[V5] “Do-not-email” List (Suppression List)

“Do-not-email” list

The “Do-not-email” list is a list that contains email addresses that were automatically or manually added to permanently exclude them from future emails you send using our service.

Some email addresses are added automatically for security reasons. These addresses can not be removed from the “Do-not-email” list.

  • Spam complaint: subscribers that flag an email as spam get immediately added to the “Do-not-email” list.
  • Unsubscribe request: subscribers who clicked on the [GLOBAL_UNSUBSCRIBE] link and do not want to receive any future emails
  • Complaint: subscribers who have complained about one or more emails that they received.

Add manually

Manual additions can be done by clicking on “Do-not-email” list when you mouse over your Username/Avatar

Click the Add Addresses button in the up right part of the page.

You can add emails one by one.

Email removal “Do-not-email” list

Any email who has been put in the “Do-not-email” list automatically by the system, can not be removed from the “Do-not-email” list. If you do need to have a contact removed from this list, you will need to contact the support team with the following information: 

  • Email you want to remove from the “Do-not-email” list
  • Proof the customer wants to be active in your list (email with the contact address and request to receive communication)
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Updated on July 31, 2018

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