Unsubscribe a contact

Contacts can choose to unsubscribe from your list. They can do this by using a form on your website, clicking an [UNSUBSCRIBE] link in an email campaign you’ve sent them, or it can be done manually (a contact may email you with a request to unsubscribe, for example).

To unsubscribe a contact manually, access your contact list and click on Manage Subscribers on the left hand menu.

To unsubscribe a single recipient, click on Unsubscribe Subscribers and look for the recipient’s email. Click on it, and select Unsubscribe this person from the left hand menu.

To mass unsubscribe, click on Unsubscribe Subscribers on the left hand menu of your list. Here you will have the option to enter the email addresses you want to remove.

You will see a confirmation screen once the process is completed.

Note: You can also remove contacts from your list permanently. Removing them will archive the history.

To remove a contact, access your list and click on Manage Subscribers on the left hand menu. You will see the Remove this person option on the left hand menu.

Enter the email addresses you wish to remove in the box provided.

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Updated on October 20, 2017

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