[v3,5] Upload a template

There are two ways of uploading a template – during the campaign creation process, or through the Template Manager.

Uploading a template through the campaign wizard

  • Click on the Import tab when you reach the Visual/Content step.
  • You will have the option of pasting in your HTML directly, or uploading from a ZIP file.

Do not code directly into the editor! Use a third-party HTML editor to build your templates (such as Coda for Mac or Sublime Text for Windows)

If you wish to use our own optimized editor, all templates uploaded must be compatible with our campaign builder.

Hint: If you wish to reuse a previous campaign as a template for another, you may duplicate the campaign!

Using the template manager

Before uploading a template, you must first create a category.

Categories allows you and your clients to reuse the same design for multiple email campaigns, keeping your messages consistently branded.

To create a category, go to Campaigns > Manage Templates > Manage Categories > Add Category

Name your category. If you are uploading templates with a specific theme, you can name your category after that theme. (ie, Advanced, Basic, Aqua, Dark, etc)

Access the new category you just created and click on Add Template on the top left corner.

Here you will have the chance to either create a template from scratch using the CKEDITOR (or copy and paste from an existing HTML file) or upload your HTML and images in a single zip file.**

Once the template has been successfully created, it wil appear under a category. All templates can be edited, moved to a different category, and deleted.


  • Your ZIP file must contain an .html file in the root of the ZIP.
  • Images and folders will be copied to the client’s folder.
  • Any files other than .jpeg.jpg.gif.png will not be included.
  • ZIP files greater than 2 MB will not be uploaded.
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Updated on August 13, 2018

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