The user page will allow you to edit and add new users. Just write their email and send them an invite! It is just as simple as that. Please note that only administrators will be able to add and delete Cakemail users within the account.

Add user

To add new users to your Cakemail account you need to hover over you account name and picture and click on Users. From this page you will be able to click on + button and invite coworkers to the platform. This will allow you to send the new users an invite.

Edit users

To edit users, you will need to hover over your profile picture on the top right and select Users. You can then click on the User’s edit option. You will be then able to edit the information and if you are the Admin, you will be able to edit the permissions of the other users.

Sharing accounts

Accounts users should not be shared. If you need to give access to the Cakemail account to members of your team, we suggest you add different users in the account. This will eliminate duplication issues and security threats.

Different permissions

When you are the admin of the account, you can restrict the permissions of the other users. You can either give them the Admin permission (they can access everything in the account), or restrict the permission of the ‘sent emails’ or ‘contacts’ sections.


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Updated on July 31, 2018

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