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White label DNS configuration

In order for Cakemail to work properly, you must add these DNS entries.


The entries required should be made in a DNS server. The DNS server is usually managed by your web hosting provider or your domain name provider.

A URL is usually composed of a domain which you should own, and a sub-domain part, which you should define.

sub-domain domain
admin. cakemail.com

In the settings below, we supply sample suggestions on the sub-domains part (like admin, track, bounce) but you can change them according to your preferences.

Interface domains

sub-domain/domain Type Value
hub.domain.com CNAME hub.wbsrvcx.com.
login.domain.com CNAME login.wbsrvcx.com.
app.domain.com CNAME app.wbsrvcx.com.
sub-domain/domain Type Value Note
link.domain.com CNAME link.wbsrvcx.com.
forward.domain.com CNAME forward.md02.com.
bounce.domain.com MX mail.md02.com. Priority 10
bounce.domain.com TXT v=spf1 include:md02.com -all  

Please note that these domains are just suggestions. If you want to change them (ex. track.domain.com, fwd.domain.com, etc.) the setup is the same.

IMPORTANT: Once this is completed, please notify Cakemail with all specific configuration details, so we can enable these changes on our side.

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Updated on July 5, 2018

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