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Several factors can affect your images not displaying in your email.

  • Images are blocked: It's possible that the email client has blocked images from loading; this won't change until the recipient clicks to always display or adds you to their Safe Senders, Contact list or Address book. Be sure to let your contacts know to click on "Always allow" or encourage them to add your From address to avoid this problem in the future.


  • Include text (not just images) in your email. Image-only emails will not open properly and will most often get flagged as spam. As per anti-spam law, all emails must contain some form of text (even if it a simple "hello"), but you should aim to include an more text than images.

  • Make sure you are using absolute URLs. Relative URLs are the equivalent of saying "down the road, left-hand side, walk on for a few houses, you can't miss it." when someone asks you for an address. Absolute URLs are the equivalent of saying "31 Emily Street, Chicago, Illinois, USA, North America, Planet Earth" instead. In order for everyone to be able to see your email's images you need to use the absolute URL (and the images have to be stored somewhere online that is accessible to everyone, too) - this includes the http://

    Relative URL /image.jpg

    Absolute URL http://www.mydummyaccount.com/images/image.jpg

  • Background images don't show up on certain email clients: Always use a solid background color as a backup.

Why is it important for the images to be displayed?

Opens are calculated when images are displayed. If images aren't displayed, your statistics will be inaccurate.

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