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Before sending your first newsletter, you must have at least one active list with at least one valid subscriber.

  • Go to Contacts
  • If you have more than one list, you’ll see the number of active lists. Click on a list’s name to access the detailed information of the list
  • Detailed information of the list includes the number of contacts

We recommend using one master list for all your clients. You can later create groups within this list.

Add recipients

  • Click on Add contacts on the right hand menu.

At this point, you can either:

  • Import a list, as a .CSV, Comma delimited type file. If you have an existing list, this is your fastest and easiest option.

  • Enter contacts one-by-one, If you only have to add a few new subscribers

Remember: You can only email a person, not a group (emails will be sent to “jane.doe@”, but will not be sent to “sales@...” or “accounting@...” )

By the way: How old is your list? If you haven’t spoken to your “customers” by email in the past 6 months, we recommend launching a reconfirmation newsletter to avoid any kind of complications - such as account suspensions or being flagged as Spam by your customers.

Getting new subscribers:

From your website

  • Access your list by going to the Contacts tab and click on the desired list.
  • Click on Subscription forms on the right hand menu.
  • You will have the option to either grab the HTML code to embed on your site, or use a direct link to the form.
    • Grab HTML Code will give you the code to embed the code on your website, which can be customized
    • Direct Link will give you the direct link to the form

Note: If you have any personalized fields on your list, they will be added to the form.

Important: A Confirmation email is preset to be automatically sent to anyone who uses s subscription form to sign up to your list. It’s followed by a Welcome email once they’ve confirmed their email address. You can personalize the welcome and confirmation emails.

At your brick and mortar building? At events and tradeshows?

Make sure you have a paper form or an iPad so people can fill in their information while they’re waiting to pay. Use a specially created confirmation email to make sure the address is valid.

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