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One of the best parts about email marketing is that you can target specific groups of people quickly and easily. Moreover, you can personalize each email so that relevant information appears. To do this, you’ll need to start by creating a form that’s tailored to your needs.

Advanced HTML user? You can create a fully customized form.

Getting the information you need:

In order for your form to reflect the information you need, you have to add fields to your list.

Adding a field Manually

  • Click on the Contact tab and click on the list name.
  • Click on the Settings button (Cog wheel) on the right hand menu.
  • Click the + New field button
    • Give the field a name (“CatOwner”)
    • Select the type of field this is (Text, Number or Date)
    • Click Create
    • Repeat as needed

Note: Avoid asking for too much information: you don’t want your customers to have to fill in so much information that they’ll get bored and simply not subscribe instead. Keep it between 3 or 4 fields.

Adding a field via a CSV upload

When you upload a list, you will be able to Match Fields.

  • Column Headers in your CSV file will be shown under Field.
  • You can then choose to Don’t Keep or to Keep by checking each box.
  • If it’s a previously existing personalized field, it will default to Keep and use the map the field accordingly; otherwise, you can choose to Create a new field from the drop down, and rename the field.

Finding the Form

  • Click Contacts to access your contact list
  • Click on the Subscription Forms button on the right hand menu.

Getting the form

  • Locate on Add a form to your website tab
  • Select all, copy and paste to your website.

Getting the link to the form

  • Locate on the Link to a form from your website
  • Copy the link You can use this to provide the link to your form on your Facebook page or post it on Twitter.

Note: Every field mapped to your contact list will show on your form.

Now that your form is set up and your fields are in place, it’s time to use the information to send targeted newsletters.

Create groups

To improve engagement with your contact list, create groups in your list according to common features within your list, and send them content that’s directly pertinent to their interest.

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