Top questions

  1. How do I change my list's details?
  2. How do I view who clicked on what link?
  3. How do I avoid spam complaints?
  4. How do I set my timezone?
  5. What are role-based emails?


1- Build your contact list

Import your existing list or start from scratch using our forms for websites and social media pages.

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2- Preparing your first email

Setting up your first email, the way it looks and what you want it to say.

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3- Before you send: Checklist of things to verify

Triple check everything before you send your email.

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4- Tracking your success

See what the graphs on the Newsletter report page mean.

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5- Your next email

You've wowed your subscribers once - do it again with great content.

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6- Put your Stamp on it

Show your personality in the confirmation and welcome emails.

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7- Make it Personal

Target your message for best impact.

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