January 28, 2021

Cakemail Team

Next-gen App Release 1.0

With Next-gen, we’re rebuilding Cakemail from the ground up to make it easier for organizations to nurture relationships. Although this initial release does not yet contain all the features available in Cakemail Classic, it does bring significant improvements to the user experience. 

This release  is available under the Cakemail brand only. Reseller support and white-label functionality will be added in a subsequent release.

Next-gen App is built on Next-gen API, available to developers and partners.

APP: 1.0 This release includes:


  • Easily get started with Cakemail Next-gen with a step-by-step guide to setup your account
  • Revamped Knowledge Base

Manage account and users: 

  • Add and modify your company profile
  • Invite users to join the account
  • Manage user access

Manage senders:

  • Add new senders
  • Edit and delete existing senders
  • Validate sender’s email: confirm you have access to the sender email address mailbox contributing to avoid phishing and improved security

Manage contacts

  • Add new contact lists
  • Modify your list’s custom attributes for better personalization
  • Add or import contacts to a contact list
  • Access contact detailed information and activity
  • Modify contact detailed information
  • Unsubscribe a contact from a contact list
  • Create new segment to better target your audience
  • Modify existing segments
  • Manage your account suppression list making sure you don’t send emails to people who don’t want to receive them

Manage forms:

  • Create new subscription form to grow your audience
  • Modify existing forms using our drag-and-drop editor - adapt to your landing page 
  • Easily embed your subscription form either by linking to it or by pasting the code on your website

Send emails:

  • Create campaigns easily either with a wysiwyg editor or by pasting the code of your template.
  • Preview your campaign and send yourselves a test
  • Schedule your campaign to send it in the future or send it right away
  • See the progress of your campaign being sent
  • Duplicate a previous campaign to get started faster

Optimize performance

  • Review performance summary of your campaign with beautiful images and graphics
  • See detailed information about contact activity and link performance

Helps you improve your return on investment over time