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Why email marketing is still a great option

Email has been around since the Internet made its debut on CD’s that were mailed to you. Back when phone lines were used to connect to the World Wide Web.

So you might think email is a bit old fashioned. Good for old curmudgeons, or for sending pictures to Aunt Lorraine.

But what’s one of the things that’s interesting about email is that, even in this day and age, people will check up on their inbox several times a day – in part due to the prevalence of smartphones.

It’s a good way to talk to them when they want to hear about you, because they want to hear about you.

You can also target specific content to certain users, based on previous actions they took in regards to emails you’ve sent, or centered around questions you asked them, personalising the information that is sent to them.

The information you gather doesn’t stop there: thanks to the detailed reports you get, you can gauge what your customers want to hear about, and model your social media messaging to reflect the input you received.

With low costs and flexible plans you don’t have to be big to benefit.

So what are you waiting for?

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