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Develop your content strategy

The first step to take to discover if you’re on the right path is knowing what your destination is.

There are three core aspects of the strategy behind the messages you will create:

  • The Output you can achieve
  • The Time you spend on it
  • The Resources at your disposal

Hitting the sweet spot for your company that strikes the balance will determine the ultimate level of quality of your strategy.

So before you send out your first campaign, ask yourself three questions to determine what the basis of your content will be:

  • What impact do you want the emails to have?
  • Why should your subscribers open the email?
  • Can you deliver on the promises you make?

What impact do you want the emails to have?

Generate return traffic to your website: To view an article, to download brochures or even to buy something.

Have your customers take a physical action: Visit your brick and mortar store, or come see you you at a trade show

Build Relationships: Share stories or your expertise; encourage dialogue and conversation.

Why should your subscribers open the email?

What is the value: Do they get a discount if they open the email? Do they get industry news? Expert advice?

Does it meet their expectations: If you promise a monthly newsletter, don’t over or under deliver. If they signed up for news about your webinars, don’t pitch them about a product they’ve never purchased.

Can you deliver on the promises you make?

Money: Discounts, promotions and special events are costly; do you have the money to offer them?

Time: Sending a daily tip about saving money might be very useful for your customers, but do you have the time to send one per day? Would one per week be enough?

Create realistic goals and be explicit about them everywhere that you have an online presence – your website, confirmation and welcome emails.

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