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Looking at the Reports

Campaign statistics measure how your campaigns perform. Keep in mind that it’s also important to record the impact on actual goals.

Do the emails also result in the desired final action, such as sales, downloads or events registrations?

What you can measure

Contact List Evolution

What you can track:

  • How many active contacts you have:

  • How many unsubscribed:

Understanding the results:

Reports about your contact list identifies where attention is most needed to keep the contact list growing.

Campaign Reports

What you can track:

  • How many emails were sent out?
  • How many were “opened”?
  • How many were clicked on? Which links? And who clicked on them?

Understanding the results:

This provides insight on the email approaches, content or offers that work best.

For example, knowing who clicked on which links identifies those subscribers interested in particular products, services or information. You can then create specific campaigns then target each interest group separately by sending them a different campaign.

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