How Web Hosting Providers Can Earn Recurring Revenue From Email Marketing

Sep 20
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One excellent way for web hosting providers to earn more revenue from current (or future) clients is through email marketing.
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As business owners and service providers, you're constantly looking for ways to earn more revenue, especially from clients and customers you already have. After all, if they're working with you, they probably already like your work, right? One excellent way for web hosting providers to earn more revenue from current (or future) clients is through email marketing.

Before you run off screaming that you don't know anything about email, don't like email, or don't want to set up systems or apps for email marketing... or any other excuse you might have–let us explain. Trust us, it's going to be worth your time!

Why email marketing

Did you know that the average return on spend for email marketing is about $40 for every $1 spent? 

It's true. Emails are still one of the top (if not the top) profit-making marketing tactics available. What's even better is that by partnering with the right CRM partner (like us), you don't have to worry about building out any programs, developing any apps, or coming up with your own API.

We've already done all that.

Why partner with Cakemail

Besides our charming personality, we have several reasons why we'd be your right partner and why we can help you add recurring revenue with email marketing.

We have an app for that

Delight your customers with an app that helps them grow their business. We provide you with an app that you can completely customize with your own brand colors and logos–so there's no confusion about who your clients are working with.


Your own tools aren't left to gather dust. Instead, we can integrate our software with your billing tools to ensure smooth access and no wasted tech stacks.

True White-Label™

Cakemail allows you to white label our product and make it your own. This email marketing service is provided by you (through us). With this option, you can charge your clients monthly for access to an easy-to-use, highly functional email marketing tool, which they can use to manage their contact lists, send email campaigns, and view reports.

Free accounts

We provide a free entry-level email marketing account to each of your customers.

Plan discounts

Increase your revenue even more with paid subscriptions that allow more access, better-detailed reports, and more functionality to take email marketing to the next level.

Delivery management

We handle and ensure email delivery from our network. We're here for you so that this program runs smoothly and you have ample time to sit back and count your money–or whatever else it is you'd do with your time.

How this works

There are two ways to package and sell email marketing services to create recurring revenue for your agency.

1. Reselling email marketing tools

Simply put, you take our products, turn them into your own and sell those email marketing tools to your clients. We handle the back end and ensure you're getting the service you need to satisfy your customers completely.

2. Offering full-service packages

Your second option is offering your clients a full-service package, where you take care of every aspect of the email marketing campaigns for them. If you do want to get your hands a little more involved, this is a great way to make even more revenue.

With this kind of package, you (or your team) would set up the client’s account, strategize the campaigns, create the content of the emails, and send the emails out.

Charging a monthly fee for your full-service packages will secure ongoing, recurring revenue that your business can depend on.

How to add even more value

Quite the overachiever, aren't you? Good. We like that. Here are some ways you can add even more value to this service:

1. Create an email marketing strategy adaptable to your clients

Utilize the skills your own marketers might already have and develop an effective email marketing strategy with your clients. If you don't have these skills, we can help you develop them and provide insights to pass along to your customers.

2. Plan, design, and create content

Next, your team can fully engross themselves in the content by planning, designing, and creating it themselves. This full-service option can help you charge a higher premium for your services and more value to your clients.

3. Set up automation

Automation allows us to send the right emails to the right audiences at the right times. Setting up automation for your email marketing clients is another service we can help you provide, whether it's a welcome email that makes customers feel special when they first subscribe, a communication about an abandoned cart, or an automated follow-up after a client sends an email.

Benefits of Cakemail's reseller program

But, wait–there's more! Here are a few benefits our clients have seen from joining our email marketing programs.

Increased revenue

Add an average of $100 gross revenue per customer. Our discounts to you, make it profitable almost immediately.

Brand customization

Not only does our True White Label™ application and support material feature full customization, but it can be made in virtually any language.

Seamless UX

Single sign-on offers seamless navigation and transition between apps for the best user experience possible.

Hands-off delivery

Our email delivery system handles all processing, bounce, and subscribe management so that you don't have to.

White glove onboarding

We'll talk you through how to get the most out of Cakemail Embedded and ensure integration success. When you succeed, we succeed!

Cakemail allows you to resell email marketing tools as your own, the way you want, while you take all the credit and add your own expertise. Try it free today, or contact us to discuss your projects!

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