‘The most wonderful time of the year’- to get new subscribers on your contact list!

Nov 29
2 min read
Clients will visit many small business, like yours, perhaps, only a few times during the year. It’s the chance to introduce them to your newsletter to stay in touch all year long.
Scooter in front of a florist shop during holidays - Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Last weekend, feeling “Christmas-y”, I went to my favourite tea boutique to get my ‘Christmas tea’ while listening to ‘Christmas music’. Yeah, I know, that’s a bit cheesy. Waiting for the cashier to get my order weighed and packed, I was attracted by an iPad. It was displaying the latest edition of the boutique’s newsletter. I discovered it was showing latest arrivals, special promos and even recipes. It was just too easy to sign up: I entered my email in the box. A few seconds later, the confirmation email popped on my cellphone. I confirmed in a click and received my welcome email… with a special promo code I used immediately.

Can’t imagine a more perfect subscribing experience.

Going back home to drink my Christmas tea while listening Christmas music and reading Christmas cookie magazines, I was thinking that this season is, for many small businesses, a unique occasion to get people to sign-up to their newsletter.

Clients will visit many small business, like yours, perhaps, only a few times during the year. Among them: now! When customers will come to see you to get special gifts for their loved ones. It’s the chance to introduce them to your newsletter to stay in touch all year long.

This is a wonderful time to engage with your customers.

If it’s possible for you: display a tablet or a laptop by the cashier where they can subscribe directly to your newsletter. If you’re a bit more low tech, have some colourful, printed copies of your latest edition showing what’s in for them and a nice guest book where clients can write their email address to receive future newsletters. Don’t forget to put clearly your Website or Facebook page address if they prefer to bring home the information and subscribe later.

This time of the year is also the season where many of you artisans will attend gift shows or Christmas markets to display your craft. This is possibly the only time of the year you’ll physically see and talk to your customers. Isn’t it a wonderful chance to invite them to get some information about your jam, your jewels or whatever great products you are creating – and are available all year long in your Etsy boutique?

You’re offering services? Why not lend a tablet to your clients while they are waiting at your beauty salon for their hair to be coloured or nails to be done? With the opening screen wisely displaying your latest newsletter full of glamorous beauty tricks and special glittering promos.

Take a few minutes to sign up to your own newsletter. Then, you’ll be able to fine-tune the messages you send and refine your subscription process to be ready for the busiest time of the year. That way, after the holidays are over, your clients will continue to hear from you to discover, all year long, your special promos or newly received items. As the result they might come back to your brick and mortar boutique more often or visit your website to get some information or easily order online.

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