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The “Welcome email”

A welcome message is an optional email that you can choose to send to new subscribers who use a sign up form.

The email is either sent immediately, if your list is a single opt-in or once they have confirmed their email address if your list is a double opt-in.

The email that is pre-set up in your account looks like this: 

A few good things to have in your welcome email

  • Your logo
  • Confirmed: A short message confirming that they’ve been added to the list.
  • Remind: Tell them exactly what they will receive and when ex: a weekly newsletter each Monday.
  • Be true to your word: If you promised something as a bonus for signing up to the newsletter, this is the best place to provide it – a link to an ebook, a coupon code they can redeem or details about a special event you host should be in the welcome email.
  • Be Human: Give them a contact they can get in touch with – even if it’s only by email.

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