10 easy email marketing resolutions that will make your life simpler

Email Marketing
Jan 14
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Appropriate permissions, clear email objects, authenticate your sender domain... 10 ways to diminish your complaint rate and improve your deliverability!
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We don’t want to overwhelm you with MORE resolutions but simply having better email marketing practices can diminish your complaint rate and improve your deliverability, lowering your stress level and making your life in general better!

Aren’t we thoughtful?

  1. Emails are nothing without the appropriate permissions. Moreover: go for double opt-in.
  2. Should we really tell you once more to NOT buy/rent/steal lists?
  3. Keep your lists as up-to-date as possible. Delete all problem addresses and react quickly to unsubscribe requests.
  4. Avoid using lists you haven’t used for more than a year. If you’ve stopped using a list for several months, it’s a good idea to send a request to subscribers, reconfirming their subscription prior to any other sending.
  5. In the subscription process clearly explain what your users will receive and when. And allow your subscribers to unsubscribe easily.
  6. Emails objects must be has clear as possible. Don’t take the chance of getting mixed up with spam. And picking an attractive subject line will make your readers eager to open your email.
  7. In your emails have a clear sender name and address, always use the same ones and authenticate your sender domain. It will make an ENORMOUS difference in your results.
  8. Ask your subscribers to add your email address to their contact list so you won’t end up in their spam box.
  9. Respect your users and the promises you agreed to when they subscribed to your email. Go further than the laws put in place by the governments. Best practices are your your strongest allies.
  10. Make good content! It’s what your subscribers are expecting.

Have a great, successful, healthy and no-complaint/no-stress year!

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