600 New Email Marketing Templates for Entrepreneurs and SMB Marketers

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Mar 25
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We have + 600 [now + 700!] new fully customizable email marketing templates in our Cakemail Next-Gen email designer.
Some of Cakemail's new templates

Yep, that’s right. We have + 600 [now + 700] new fully customizable email marketing templates in our Cakemail Next-Gen email designer. Perfect for big or small email lists!

As always, you can change the fonts, colors, and images to meet your exact needs.

Have a look at them right now and play with our Email designer to see what suits your needs or keep scrolling for more information at the type of email templates we’ve added!

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How To Supercharge Your Business With Our New Email Marketing Templates

As a small business owner, you know it’s important to build your customer base. But often, marketing your business can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have a marketing budget.

Our email marketing templates enable you to create emails that can be used over and over again for email marketing campaigns and keep your audience coming back for more.

Here are just some benefits of email templates from Cakemail:

  • Get inspired with new ways to captivate your small business customers for any purpose or holiday
  • Effortlessly make your products, services, and communication look professional
  • Make it easy for your audience to better engage with your products and marketing emails
  • Whip up some click-worthy engaging emails or drip campaigns in minutes
  • Captivate your target audience in new potential customers with our newsletter templates that are designed for any type of important time of year

These 600 new customizable templates are available at no additional cost so that you can focus more on strengthening your email marketing strategy!

How To Choose The Perfect Email Template

When you start a business, your mailbox will soon be flooded with emails from potential clients, potential partners, and potential investors, all trying to get your attention. How can you tell them you’re the right fit?
You can’t do it with generic templates. Instead, you need email templates built for business success.

At Cakemail, we’ve already done the work for you, creating professionally designed and fully responsive email templates that grab your readers’ attention and get your message across.

If you are a developer or use an application that requires email functionality, all of these templates and more are available through Cakemail Next-gen APIs.

You can choose an email template by its function or by occasion.

Here are a few examples of the business email marketing templates that Cakemail designed for different functions:
* CV & Resumes
* Delivery
* Newsletter
* Personal Note
* Product Launch
* Product Promotion
* Tutorial

Do you need email newsletters for important holidays? We have those, too. Again, a few examples:
* Back to School
* Black Friday
* Christmas
* Cinco De Mayo
* Cyber Monday
* Fashion Week
* Small Business Saturday

Enjoy emailing, Cakemailers!

If you don’t already have an account, you can try Cakemail for free. Don’t hesitate to communicate with us if you have any specific questions. Our Customer service team is ready to help you set-up your account, migrate your lists or discuss your objectives.

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