Cakemail Next-gen APIs: easier, safer and wiser

Jul 13
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Cakemail APIs have been completely redesigned to make it as easy as possible for developers, while increasing the security and performance of their integration.
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Connect to your app and start sending emails in 15 minutes!

Most applications and websites today use transactional email to communicate with their users on an individual basis for notifications, password changes and purchase confirmations.

Users of e-commerce sites, customer relationship management systems (CRM) and content management systems (CMS), also often require email marketing functionality to communicate with their own audiences. When delivered seamlessly, this email marketing component becomes a key element of their success.

To meet these needs, the Cakemail APIs have been completely redesigned to make it as easy as possible for developers, while increasing the security and performance of their integration.

The Cakemail Next-gen APIs allow you to send transactional emails, deploy email marketing campaigns, manage and segment contacts, report analytics, and much more. All emails are routed through our infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and deliverability.

Our partners also now have a dedicated API to create, monitor and manage client sub-accounts, as well as access other APIs on behalf of clients.

Cakemail Next-gen APIs are available today. For more information, visit

This release includes the following products and features:

OpenAPI for easy integration

Next-gen APIs are based on OpenAPI specifications, giving developers access to all API parameters and paths for easy integration. Based on the new Restful and CORS (Cross Origins Request Server) API standards, OpenAPI offers flexibility and power. There’s no need to request a user key — any Cakemail customer can start using the APIs right away.

A more extensive and interactive API Reference

Find all the information you need, thanks to an extensive and detailed API Reference. You’ll be able to test all API functions directly in the documentation to see exactly what the Next-gen APIs can do before you start your integration.

In-depth integration guides

Real-life examples help you understand how the Cakemail APIs can be connected to your application.

Custom subscription forms

Build your email lists, your way by using the new Form API to create custom subscription forms and define opt-in parameters.

Dedicated partner API

Partners and resellers are Cakemail’s core business. To support you, we’ve built a new, dedicated Partner API that allows you to provision, configure, manage and monitor sub-accounts.

Limited to qualified partners, the Partner API allows resellers to support their clients by carrying out all operations offered by the Cakemail APIs — including list syncing, campaign management and logs access.

Sender identity management and authentication

The Account API now includes new resources for managing sender identity and authentication — both of which are critical to ensuring your communications reach subscribers’ inboxes.

The resources provided through sender identities management enable you to create one or more verified senders for all your Cakemail accounts. The simple process of implementing sender authentication will have a considerable positive impact on your delivery performance.

High-capacity & optimized transactional email delivery

The Transactional API now allows you to send your emails via the SMTP protocol, taking advantage of Cakemail’s high-capacity servers, optimized IP addresses, delivery monitoring and email optimization systems. You’ll also be able to optimize email performance by monitoring transactional email logs and metrics through the Analytics API.

No need to code: simply connect your app to the Transactional API via the SMTP protocol and start sending transactional emails via our servers through your Cakemail account.

Higher security standards

Next-gen APIs ship with higher security standards. We have chosen the OAuth 2.0 authentication standard for all API calls. This delivers higher security than the usual user key-password combination — you’re no not at risk from a static key waiting indefinitely on your server.

The Cakemail APIs are also fully hosted in Canada, which means your data is governed by Canadian privacy laws and protocols.

Cakemail Next-gen APIs include:

  • Campaign API: Create and manage your email communications.
  • Contact API: Manage your contacts, your lists and your lists’ segments.
  • Transactional API: Send individual one time email. With SMTP relay: no need to code.
  • Analytics API: Access your lists, campaigns and transactionals logs and reports.
  • Asset API: Define and manage your forms and opt-in details.
  • Brand API: Set-up your company logo and domain. Define and authenticate your senders.
  • Account API: Define and manage accounts and users.
  • Partner API: Manage sub-accounts. Limited to qualified partners.

If you have a Cakemail account, Next-gen APIs are ready for you to integrate right away. And if you’re not using Cakemail yet, contact us — we’ll help you choose the option you need to succeed.

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