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Jun 16
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Email automation is now available in the Cakemail Next-gen app, allowing for the creation of an email series or drip campaigns.
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Cakemail's email automation capacities


You can now trigger emails to new subscribers based on predefined rules and delays. A graphical designer makes the experience pleasant; you can build and see the automation workflow as it takes shape! Keep an eye out for a future release in which these emails can be made conditional to specific events such as email opens, clicks or sends. Sign in to your Cakemail account now and give email automation a go.

White-label now available for resellers

Great news for resellers: you can now offer the Cakemail Next-gen app under your own brand, including a logo, colours and URLs! Contact us to make a request.

Zapier integration

We’re currently releasing our Beta release of the Zapier integration for Cakemail, allowing you to easily integrate your app to Cakemail through Zapier and access most features like creating and managing contacts and sending transactional emails. Send us an email if you want to be among the first to try it!

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Also new in Next-gen

Cakemail Next-gen is also now fully available “en français”, and campaign reports, list management and list segmentation have also been upgraded.

Branded system emails in Next-gen API

System emails sent by the API for various confirmation needs (e.g. sub-account confirmation, user confirmation, sender confirmation, password reset) can now be customized to your brand colours.

But that’s not all! Use of the SMTP endpoint has been simplified, and we added tags to templates for easy classification and filtering. For full details of all recent updates, check out the Next-gen API v1.5 releases notes.

We hope you’ll make the most of all the new features and improvements in the Cakemail Next-gen app and Next-gen API. Enjoy!

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