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Feb 3
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Let’s take a look at our most recent releases for automation in Cakemail API and app
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Over the past few months, we have been working to rebuild Cakemail from the ground up to make it easier and more efficient for organizations to nurture relationships. This work is finally starting to roll out to bring new functionality to Cakemail. We have continued to enrich our stronger and more secure Next-gen API, used to deploy the first release of the Cakemail Next-gen application. Let’s take a look at our most recent releases!

  • Automation Workflow APIs
  • Introducing the Cakemail Next-gen app
  • Dynamic Email Templates APIs
  • Contact Segmentation using FIQL and JSON

With the new automation APIs, you can now trigger emails based on predefined rules, delays or recipient events on email actions such as opens, clicks, or sends. For example, you can use this to create an email series and/or a drip campaign.

Automation Workflow APIs

Start with our Automating your emails guide to understand and deploy automation workflows or check out API documentation for workflows.

The Cakemail Next-gen application brings significant improvements to the user experience and will serve as the foundation for Cakemail’s future product innovation.

Some notable benefits include:

  • Uses modern front-end technologies which allows better app performance
  • Benefits from the innovation brought by the Cakemail Next-gen API
  • Improved email designer for beautiful and responsive emails
  • Improved subscription form designer and new subscription form integration options

Currently, the Cakemail Next-gen app is available under the Cakemail brand only. Agency support and white-label functionality will be added in a future release. This initial release does not yet contain all the features available in Cakemail Classic that is still supported by our team.

Sign in to try the new Cakemail Next-gen using the same credentials as your Cakemail Classic account – or sign in here to use Cakemail Classic.

Visit our app releases section to find out more about this release.

Dynamic Email Templates APIs

  • You can now store and use your templates to send campaigns and transactional emails.
  • You can manage your template library, use a template in a campaign and use a template in a transactional email.

Access our Email template documentation or read our guide on sending transactional emails using templates.

Contact Segmentation using FIQL and JSON

The Feed Item Query Language (FIQL, pronounced “fickle”) is a simple but flexible, URI-friendly syntax for expressing filters across the entries in syndicated feed entries.

On top of that, we added support for JSON query language in a format similar to ElasticSearch queries.

View examples of contact segmentation in section Working with segment queries.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions,
we’ll be pleased to help you make your email program a success!

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