Throwing money in the mailbox: why you should not do bad email marketing?

Nov 19
1 min read
Keeping a list up to date, even if it is smaller, will give you a real return on your investment.
Mailboxes - Photo by Polina Kholodova from Pexels

Today in the mailbox, (you know, the outdated thing where you get paper?) I received a leaflet from a serious bank. Offering the chance to win an iPad mini when you open an account. There were a couple of issues with this:

  1. I have an existing account at this bank
  2. It was sent to the house’s previous owner
  3. We bought the house 10 years ago

Yep! 10 years. We celebrated that at the beginning of the month. 10 years! I can only assume they bought the list of addresses, trying to get excited new customers. So how much did they pay to get this address? How much did the leaflet cost? How much did the shipping cost? And all of that for what? I just threw it away in my recycling bin with a “contemptuous grin” for my poor bank’s direct-marketing company.

I’m sure you have plenty of those examples in your life too. Often, when I discuss the idea of doing a reconfirmation campaign with clients, it becomes really sensitive. It’s like telling them their baby is ugly and needs a makeover.

“I’ll lose subscribers.”

Yes. Definitively. Your list WILL shrink. But keeping a list up to date, even if it is smaller, will give you a real return on your investment. People will be HAPPY and INTERESTED to receive your emails! You’ll see lots of improvements, like:

  • Best open rates
  • Best click rates
  • Lower complaints
  • Best engagement

Every effort you’re putting to create your beautiful campaign, every minute of your precious time, every cent invested will be worth it.

Have a look on A good contact list now, you’ll quickly see your results!

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