Email Marketing ROI is 1:40. Give your readers the right content to get the most of it

Email Marketing
Sep 9
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Year after year, marketers have reported, on average, a return on investment of $40 for each dollar invested. That’s incredibly efficient and makes emails the best tool to get the most bang for your buck. So he
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So, if you haven’t started using email yet, now’s the perfect time!

Why people subscribe to a newsletter:

  1. They are interested in your product, your brand or your company and want to learn more about it.
  2. You make great content!
  3. They want to please you (ex. your mother).

Number 3 is pretty limited to increase your readership…

First of all, be clear about your offer right from the registration process. Tell your subscribers what kind of content they will receive, so they know what to expect and why they registered.

Whenever you can, survey them to see what kind of content they read.

Product and brand content:

Most of the time, a newsletter offers content related to the company, the brand or the product.

Here are several ideas for your newsletter content:

  • Product information: updates, new features
  • Promotions and special offers, exclusive coupons
  • How-to, FAQ and tips on your product
  • Interviews with your executives or employees (be sure there’s a “story”)
  • Enterprise “secrets”
  • Contests
  • Surveys

General content:

This type of content is more largely related to your sphere of activity. You can build your newsletter on:

  • Information and news about the industry
  • Strategic data, survey results
  • Ideas from thinkers in their sphere of interest: check for your own home experts or summarize a conference or seminar you attended
  • Present a client or a partner (you need to have something interesting to say about them, and yes, make sure they talk about you
  • Links to websites that might interest them

Depending on your readership, you can also have some fun/light news, photographs or cartoons. But keep your newsletter short and catchy.

“Readers” are those who actually read your email and don’t just let it die in their inbox week after week. Make sure you give them something to spark their interest to interact with your brand!

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