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Nov 30
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Mailing address is mandatory for all email sent in Canada or to or from Canadians. Using tags can help you get compliant easily.
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Tags for mailing addresses make CASL compliance easier

In 2012 The Compliance and Enforcement Information Bulletin (CRTC 2012-548) points out that:
“… a [Consumer Electronic Mail] must set out, among other things, the mailing address of the person sending the message or, if different, the mailing address of the person on whose behalf the message is sent …”

Cakemail always wants to keep things simple for clients.  That is why, even before the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) came into force, physical postal addresses have been automatically be added to the footer of all emails sent with Cakemail using the official tags.  If the tags cannot be found within the email, they are automatically inserted in the email footer.

What this means for you:

Use the Full Address Field to input your address

Automatic compliance with Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)

But I’m not in Canada!

The legislation applies to all emails sent via a Canadian IP – so it applies to all emails from Cakemail. Other countries have also since then enforced legislation to have the physical address or other such identifying tag present within an email for commercial use.

You will no longer need to input the address in plain text

What happens if I type in the mailing address in plain text?
Cakemail don’t recognize the address, and thinking it’s helping, adds the tags.  You can easily avoid showing your address twice by using the official tags.

What happens if I don't have a physical office or my business place is at my home and I don't want to publish this address?

By law, you need to have a mailing address. You can for example have an address at a virtual office service place or rent a PO box.

You’ll never forget to add the address again

  • You maintain your reputation as a reliable marketer
  • Some content filters scan for addresses, blocking emails that don’t have physical addresses, so it will help improve deliverability
  • You might get a postcard from your customers because now they have your mailing address

Well, you might not get a postcard. But keep your relationships strong and the dialogue lively, and you never know what might happen.

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