Merry Christmas to… what’s your name again?

Nov 19
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If you only send an email once a year to your clients, you risk a very high hard-bounce rate, using outdated email addresses.
Aquarelle Christmas Cards - Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

I don’t know about you but, even in 2020s, I still receive some of those paper Christmas cards. You know the ones that are really shiny with the very luxurious envelopes you wish you could use as wallpaper in your living room. Unfortunately, I also get a few displaying those vintage drawings. The ones with the scary Santa Claus and his no-less-scary elves…

Most of the cards come from people I love, and I’m happy to hear from. Others come from people I, at least, know. But a few cards are sent from different companies. Like my bank. You remember? THAT bank. My ‘personal advisors’ wish me a very a happy holiday season. I’m effectively happy they now remember I’m a client but I would be surprised if they would ever remember me if I would just drop by to say ‘Hey! Thanks! Merry Christmas too’. At least, I’m their client. We have a relationship. I can’t say the same about another financial service company who is also sending me ‘their warmest wishes’ even though I really don’t remember when and I talked to them – or if I ever talked to them at all. Maybe I would have truly felt their love if they hadn’t made a typo in my name…

Artsy Christmas Card - Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

Living in the 21st Century, many of you have certainly already planned to send ‘email cards’ to your contacts. It’s a nice thought. Really. Taking the Holiday season as a chance to thank people that do business with you and to wish them the best is a very sweet move

But, if old school folded paper cards can be sent by regular post, Far West-style, without any rules, every commercial email, even your thoughtful Christmas wishes, must abide by email marketing regulations and best practices. Wouldn’t it be very sad to have a Grinch filling a spam complaint for having received your Christmas card?

If you only send an email once a year to your clients, you risk a very high hard-bounce rate, using outdated email addresses.

Wouldn’t this year be a good time to make the resolution to email your subscribers on a more regular basis to remind them, monthly or weekly, how wonderful you are and how great your products and services are or just say hi?

Finally, take the time to make something really thoughtful for your subscribers. You can start by one of a festive template then add something really personal like a funny picture of your team, a Christmas recipe, a voucher or a special promo. Surprise them! Do something your clients will be happy to receive and feel involved about. After all, Christmas is all about giving.

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