Why and how to add video content to boost your email opens

Apr 18
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Video Email Marketing is a powerful tool used to engage customers and prospects. It lets you connect emotionally with your target audience, build trust, and drive conversions. With Video Email Marketing, you can add visual appeal to your emails while increasing engagement.
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This type of marketing offers several advantages, such as improved click-through rates, increased customer loyalty, and better ROI than traditional email campaigns. Additionally, it helps increase brand awareness by creating memorable experiences for viewers that will stick with them long after seeing the video.

The benefits of video in email marketing

What if we told you that a video could increase the click-through rate by 300%? That’s right! By including a video in your email, you can significantly boost the click-through and open rates. Videos are more engaging than text and draw viewers in with captivating visuals that make it easier for them to comprehend your message.

Adding videos to your emails is also an effective way to increase customer loyalty and build trust. By incorporating video content, you can demonstrate your commitment to providing exceptional service and creating a memorable customer experience.

How to add video content to your emails

While email is not quite built yet to add a video directly to an email (meaning they can't view it directly in the email app), there are creative ways you can make it look like it's a video in hopes of them clicking through and watching it on a third-party platform (like YouTube, social, or a website).

The easiest way

The technique most email marketers use is adding a screenshot or an image to an email that's made to look like a video. You would take a screenshot of the video and add a play button. Then you must hyperlink the image to wherever your video is hosted.

Tip: If you don't have image doctoring skills, you can sometimes put your video on pause so that the "Play" button appears and that Internet users immediately understand by watching the image it sends to a video. Also, be sure to pick a part of the video that's compelling and clear.

As a precaution, we still recommend that you add - in addition to the screenshot - a button or a link with a very clear call to action (like "Watch the video") in case people don't realize it was a video. This will also allow you to compare the click rate of the image to that of the button–which could influence how you share videos in emails in the future.

The more advanced method

Instead of a screenshot or still image, some email providers support gifs. Have your designer (or whip out the ol' Adobe Suite for yourself) put together a quick gif made up of moments from the video. If you keep the file small enough, you should have no problems adding it to an email campaign.

You can also check out this tutorial for easily adding videos to Cakemail campaigns.

Videos make a great addition to your email marketing. Not only do they increase your numbers overall, but they work better in helping your audience understand who you are, what services you provide, and whether or not they want to purchase your product.

Try it out for yourself and see if your open and click-through rates soar through the roof!

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