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Why some brands use no-reply in their campaigns

Apr 19
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In email marketing, a "no-reply" is often used as a sender address during mass emails. A sometimes fictitious address that's visible to the recipient.. it indicates to not to try to responding to that email address.

This is a bad practice. It is generally said, wrongly, that email is a uni-directional form of marketing. This idea is false. In a world where people speak directly and freely with brands, it's absurd to see companies still refusing dialogue. It's now contrary to the way people engage on the Internet.

Receiving answers to a functional address is an excellent signal for anti-spam filters. Because, somewhere, you show that you accept  exchanges with your contact list. This is good news for your engagement and so your deliverability.

Configure the reply email address

In Cakemail, you'll enter the email address that will display to your subscribers and the one that will be used in case of a reply.

Generally, we use the same one for both fields. But you can also redirect responses to a dedicated address. It all depends on your organization.

The best practice is to show you're happy to engage. Show the human side of your email campaign.

Other engagement signals

  • Responses are also engagement signals. They can be a positive signal for better deliverability.
  • Your open and click rates make up your responsiveness rate. They show the overall level of engagement on your campaigns.
  • A high increase of spam complaints indicates negative things. Maybe a lack of opt-in or a big flaw in your communication.
  • Unsubscribes to a lesser extent send signals of dissatisfaction. Be careful to monitor this indicator.

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