Deliverability & Reputation Management

A good reputation is a shared responsibility and critical when it comes to the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts. Cakemail’s Deliverability team works diligently to make sure that continues to happen and together we can help you ensure your emails reach their intended audience. Cakemail’s Deliverability & Reputation Management involves (but not limited to) the following:

Reputation Management

With Cakemail’s embedded Reputation Management System and dedicated Abuse team, you can be confident that your emails will hit the inbox. To maintain a high inbox rate, we monitor for spam complaints and hard bounces as well as unsubscribes and spam traps. Senders in breach of our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) must go through a formal review by our Abuse team to identify risks and improve their practices before they are allowed to resume their email activities.

Unsubscribe Management

Cakemail adds an unsubscribe link to the footer of every email to ensure it is in compliance with anti-spam legislation. This link makes it easy for subscribers who no longer wish to receive your emails to unsubscribe (before a complaint is received). Unsubscribe links can impact a specific subscription or all emails from a single sender.

Bounce Management

Proper bounce management is critical to your delivery and the maintenance of your reputation. When an email cannot be delivered, Cakemail automatically processes a bounce message that is displayed in your mailing report. If the email address is permanently undeliverable, Cakemail will update the status of that contact to keep your list clean.

Feedback Loop Management

Cakemail is partnered with more than a dozen ISPs, allowing us to unsubscribe anyone who has marked an email as spam. These addresses are suppressed globally for all future mailings sent from that account. All this is done behind the scenes — you don’t have to do a thing. Our diligence with addressing spam reports is just one of the ways we maintain our network reputation as one of the best in the industry.

IP Health Management & Warmup

Cakemail offers a mix of shared and dedicated email-sending IP addresses that we manage internally with the help of third party monitoring services. Our clients can choose to have a branded IP on their own domain, or to use one of our shared Cakemail domains. Cakemail handles setup, installation and all aspects of IP health monitoring, such as: baseline delivery testing, blacklisting and IP/domain blocking. The Cakemail Deliverability team also manages dedicated IP warmup, which usually lasts about a month (depending on the quality and volume of email being sent).

Delivery Troubleshooting

When delivery problems arise, the Cakemail team brings more than a decade of experience to help you find a solution. We know that in a shared IP environment you are only as good as your weakest sender. So we take pride in making sure our clients remain profitable by helping to resolve email filtering and blocking issues as quickly as possible. Through our associations with organizations such as MAAWG, Cakemail has access to a long list of industry experts who can assist our customers. Together we work to improve emailing practices worldwide.

Email Authentication

Authentication is a way of showing that the sender is who they say they are. This is particularly important because you are saying to the world that Cakemail has permission to send email on your domain’s behalf. We support DKIM (shared or dedicated) and SPF/SenderID, as well as DMARC methods of authentication. We encourage our clients to support these methods too, as they ensure a high rate of delivery.

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