email marketing add-on for saas platforms

Add email marketing to your SaaS app in hours, not months

Boost revenue and retention by giving your customers the email marketing features they need directly from your app.

Cakemail's embeddable email marketing at a glance

Minimal Coding

Quickly add email marketing to your app without overloading your dev team.

Comprehensive Tools

Email campaigns, audience management, automations, and more.

Customizable Solutions

Match the app to your brand for a seamless customer experience.

Reliable Delivery

Ensure customer emails reach the inbox with hands-off delivery management.

Ongoing Support

We support your customers and your team every step of the way.
"Cakemail met our business needs perfectly, allowing us to offer advanced email marketing to our customers without straining our team. With their email marketing add-on, we could integrate quickly while staying focused on Yapla's core business goals."
Pascal Jarry
Founder & CEO, Yapla

Grow your product and revenue without overloading your dev team.

Get up and running quickly for way less: Easily add powerful email marketing features without the hassle or the high costs of doing it all yourself.
Bring immediate value to you product: Add a $30 monthly net increase to each customer's lifetime value by bringing your customers the email marketing tools they’re paying for elsewhere.
Stay focused on your core business: Your developers can focus on improving your product while we ensure your customers have access to the latest in email marketing.

A robust full-featured app

From modern email marketing, to AI content generation, all the way to single sign-on, Cakemail has everything you need.

A well-documented API

Cakemail's documentation is rich and up to date. Our API is constantly being refined an improved for simplicity.

Marketing support

We'll provide the assets you need to promote your new email marketing features to your users and simplify you launch.

Easy administration

With Cakemail, you can seamlessly provision and manage customer accounts. We also keep billing simple.

Fully-managed deliverability

Cakemail optimizes email deliverability for you. We manage all processing, including bounces and unsubscribes.

30% commissions

You earn a 30% commission when your customers upgrade to premium email marketing features.
Pro Support for easy deployment

Our team is here to help from start to finish, and beyond.

White glove onboarding

We'll work on the project with you. We'll take you through all the steps to ensure integration success.

Close support

Highly-responsive email, phone, or chat support for  product or technical assistance.

Continuous monitoring

Uptime, deliverability, or performance, our team will closely monitor the performance of your app.
"I can reach out to somebody directly. We don’t have to go through a chain to get stuff done. When we need something, or we come across an issue, they’re right there to hop on a call. The Cakemail team pivots very quickly."
Robert House
Project Manager, Race Data

Companies that partnered with Cakemail to add email marketing to their products

email marketing add-on for saas PLATFORMS

Learn how Cakemail's email marketing features can help you grow your product

  • Get up and running in hours
  • Increase average customer revenue by $30 net each month
  • Stay focused on your core business
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Email designer
  • Contact management
  • Analytics
  • Subscription forms
  • Marketing API access
  • Unlimited users

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