cakemail for agencies

Make email marketing a pillar of your client strategy

Benefit from increased client retention and recurring revenue through Cakemail's agency solution.

Cakemail's agency partner program at a glance

Tailored Agency Portal

Manage email marketing clients, campaigns and billing from a hub that matches your brand.

Streamlined Operations

Efficiency gains span your agency, from account management to integration to accounting.

Preferred Pricing

Expand your revenue. Get preferred pricing and revenue shares on the plans your clients buy.

Human Support

Never feel like a number. Your agency gets personalized support from real email marketing experts.

Sales Assistance

Boost email marketing sales with high-converting collaterals and our expert guidance.

Bolster and expand your email marketing offering to boost satisfaction and profits.

Strengthen your service offering: Email marketing generates a $42 return on investment for every dollar spent, making it an ideal complement to the website designs, ad campaigns, and SEO strategies your agency offers.
Empower your team: Create impactful campaigns with a branded portal, agency dashboard, and all the essential tools, templates, and APIs to propel your clients’ businesses forward.
Maximize revenue and satisfaction: Generate recurring revenue from client subscriptions and monthly email sends. Benefit from preferred pricing for cost-effective campaigns. Deliver exceptional service.
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"We had a niche in the swimming pool industry and had close to a thousand website clients. We realized that we could start utilizing the partnerships and spreading them out. Cakemail has been great for the business."
Christy Hart
Technology Projects Specialist
Miller Davis Agency
Your Entire Agency Benefits

Client work becomes more efficient with Cakemail.

Rapid Integration

Slash integration time with our flexible templates and well-documented API. Get the results your clients want in record time.

Limitless Creativity

From automations to A/B testing to AI content generation, there will be no limits to the campaigns your creative team can run with Cakemail.

Effective Client Management

Your client team stays updated on sending rates, metrics, billing and any deliverability issues through a single, intuitive dashboard.
Cakemail for agencies

Learn how Cakemail can help make email marketing a key driver of your agency's growth

  • Increase repeat services and revenue
  • Streamline client operations
  • Deliver exceptional customer service
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Email designer
  • Contact management
  • Analytics
  • Subscription forms
  • Marketing API access
  • Unlimited users

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