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Cakemail's features at a glance

Email Marketing Campaigns

Send branded emails to engage your audience

Marketing Automations

Create unique customer experiences

Audience Management

Grow, manage, and target your audience

Marketing API

Sync data from your favourite apps
Email marketing

Create captivating campaigns to foster lasting customer connections.

AI-enhanced content generation: Jumpstart campaign content creation with the help of AI.
Personalized email content: Send finely-tuned email content that aligns with subscriber data, activity, or interests.
Premium, customizable templates: Decrease time to engagement using Cakemail's adaptable templates and intuitive drag-and-drop email editor.
Consent and anti-spam safe-guards: Cakemail helps protect your business and your subscribers from potential spam-related issues.

A/B Testing

Use A/B testing to discover top-performing subject lines and email content. Test minor variations in the same campaign, compare click rates, and learn what resonates with your audience.

Reporting & Analytics

Monitor subscriber actions in your emails, like opens, clicks, or shares, and tailor future campaigns to their interests for enhanced engagement.

Managed Deliverability

Deliverability management is crucial for sender reputation but can be resource-intensive. We handle it for you, making sure emails reach inboxes and your domain avoids ISP blocks or blacklists.

Save time and enhance results with intelligent, data-driven automation.

Intuitive customer journey creation: Design seamless customer journeys with our user-friendly tools.
Driven by historcial and real-time data: Shape customer journeys using condition-based paths to foster one-on-one experiences between your audience and your business.
Versatile integration capabilitie: Seamlessly connect with your favorite tools through flexible integrations.

Automated Emails

Cakemail's automation builder makes it easy to automatically send a welcome email or a series of onboarding emails to new mailing list subscribers.

Automated Tags

Automatically tag contacts based on how they interact with your campaigns to gain customer insights and engage with them on a one-to-one level.

Automation Stats

With automation stats, you can keep track of how many people triggered your automation, what conditions they met, and how many were sent an email.
Audience management

Optimize targeting with advanced segmentation and actionable insights.

Dynamic behavioural segmentation: Put real-time data to work and create hyper-relevant, engaging campaigns tailored to your audience's interests and actions.
Custom attributes and interests: Expand or refine your target audience using any type of data you've collected or inputted manually to complete customer profiles.
Efficient contact preference center: Empower subscribers to manage their personal info and interests for a better experience.

Contact Tags

Enhance segmentation accuracy and deepen connections with your subscribers by delivering timely, relevant content.

Sign-up Forms

Capture leads effortlessly with customizable, high-converting sign-up forms that seamlessly integrate with your website and social media platforms.

Custom Redirection Pages

Upgrade your opt-in and opt-out experience by customizing the pages subscribers see with your own personalized redirection pages.
marketing api

Integrate data streams to empower your business with real-time data.

Transactional email API: Deliver timely content and notifications with the versatility of either direct API integration into your app or using SMTP for your calls.
Email marketing API: Deliver customized email marketing campaigns at scale with automated processing of bounces and unsubscribes.
Audience API: Sync data streams for more precise segmentation, boosting campaign success by engaging the ideal audience.
Analytics API: Track audience engagement in real-time to measure the pefromence of your marketing and transactional emails.

Canadian Data Storage

Canada-based servers ensure strict data protection compliance and bolster customer trust with secure, local data storage.

Cost-efficient Solutions

Benefit from marketing data services that deliver exceptional value without compromising on quality or performance.

Comprehensive Documentation

Step-by-step guidance ensures a seamless integration experience for developers of all skill levels.

Companies already growing with Cakemail

Cakemail has the tools and support to help businesses and organizations of all sizes grow.
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"We’ve been a customer for over 10 years and use Cakemail for its simplicity... The data and analytics provide additional valuable insights and the support service, on the rare occasions we need it, is extremely helpful and efficient."
Darren Ramowski
Managing director
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  • Contact management
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