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Thinking of Using an ‘Old’ List? – Part 2: Prepare your Re-Opt in Email

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Here’s some good advice when preparing your re-opt in email:

  • As with any email, make sure to have the clearest “FROM” possible so they can always identify you
  • Be sure your “OBJECT”/”SUBJECT” is clear and doesn’t look like spam
  • Reconfirmation emails should not contain advertising content of any kind
  • Tell them precisely how you got their email address, so they understand they had previously subscribed
  • Give them precise information about the type of content you will send them and the frequency of mailings they will receive. Informing you subscribers is also a good idea when you make any changes to the type of content or frequency of your mailings, or to your company name, website, logo, etc.
  • Be able to fulfill your promises before you ask people to subscribe
  • Make them want to sign up! Create emails that are as ‘attractive’ as possible to get them interested in subscribing
  • Be clear that you are updating your list, and that they will need to “Subscribe to your newsletter” by clicking on a link. If they don’t do this, they won’t receive anything from you.
  • Add some links to your Privacy and Anti-Spam policiess
  • Give yourself some time to receive your subscriptions. You can add the date of the first mailing in the email so they know how much time they have to register if they want to receive it. Late responses will be subscribed to future mailings
  • Don’t be discouraged if you don’t receive much feedback from your users. It’s a good idea to couple your move with a ‘subscription campaign’ on your website to reinforce the interest in subscribing;
  • Discuss this process with your ISP. We at Cakemail will help you plan your mailing and also discuss with ISPs to ensure you won’t have any problems

If you have any questions, Kevin can be reached at: or feel free to use our Help Desk.

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