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Cakemail brings together all the right tools to help you engage with your audience and gain meaningful insights along the way.

Cakemail's email marketing features at a glance

Email marketing campaigns
Send branded emails to engage your audience
Audience management
Grow, manage, and target your audience
Create unique customer experiences
Permission management
Manage consent and comply with anti-spam laws
Marketing API
Power your campaigns with data directly from your favorite apps

Create and send branded email campaigns

Beautiful responsive emails

Did you know that over 50% of all emails are viewed on a mobile device? Ensure your content looks its best on every size screen and device and improve click-through rates by over 10% with fully-responsive and beautiful email designs.

A/B testing

Use A/B testing to understand what subject lines and email content preform the best. By testing small differences to the same campaign, you'll gain insights on what content and messaging your audience prefers by comparing click rates.

Dynamic content & personalization

Engaged readers are loyal readers. Connect with your customers and boost subscriber engagement rates using dynamic CTAs or personalized content based on data they provided when subscribing, their activity or their interests.

Managed deliverability

Managing deliverability is key to maintaining your sender reputation, but not everyone has the resources, expertise or time to do so. We manage deliverability for you, ensuring that your emails reach the inbox and that your domain isn’t blocked or blacklisted by ISPs.

Reporting & analytics

Track everything a subscriber does when they receive your emails, from which emails they opened to what they clicked on or shared with others, then align future campaigns with their interests to boost engagement.

Grow, manage and target your audience

Easy contact list import

Want to add contacts to your list one at a time? Import a whole list with or without corresponding data? Partially import a list to include only the data and columns you want? The choice is yours.

Advanced segmentation

Looking to send specific messages to defined targeted groups? Use segments to automatically group and target customers based on their similar traits, interests or behaviours, and boost click-through rates by 49%.

Contact tags

Tags play a key role in aligning your marketing efforts to the things your customers like. Use contact tags to identify customer interests and behaviours to drive smarter segmentation.

Sign-up forms

Grow your contact list and collect key information about subscribers using strategically placed sign-up forms on your website, blog or social media pages. Cakemail makes it easy to create, set up and customize forms so you can learn more about your audience.

Use automations create unique customer experiences

Automated emails

Cakemail's automation builder makes it easy to automatically send a welcome email or a series of onboarding emails to new mailing list subscribers.

Automation stats

With automation stats, you can keep track of how many people triggered your automation, what conditions they met, and how many were sent an email.

Contact tags

Automatically tag contacts based on how they interact with your campaigns to gain customer insights and engage with them on a one-to-one level.

Manage subscriber consent and comply with anti-spam laws

Consent management

Want to be confident the people on your list actually want to receive your emails? Cakemail has all the right tools in place to ensure you have the necessary upfront process for subscribers to easily understand and provide their explicit consent.

Automated list hygiene

Cakemail automatically adds an unsubscribe link to every email, then tracks and manages all unsubscribe requests to make sure you only send emails to the people who want them, helping protect your sender reputation and ensure compliance with anti-spam laws.

In the browser or through the API, Cakemail does it all, and then some

Email marketing API

Send high-volume, highly personalized email marketing campaigns and process bounces and unsubscription requests automatically.

Analytics API

Get instant access to recipients' real-time activities and the performance of your email marketing campaigns and transactional emails.

Contact API

Synchronize contacts and their attributes from your application and define their segmentation. Because an effective campaign starts with the right audience.

Transactional emails

Whether you choose to integrate our API directly into your app or use SMTP to make your calls, Cakemail's flexible integrated app solutions allow you to be up and running in minutes.
"We’ve been a customer for over 10 years and use Cakemail for its simplicity... The data and analytics provide additional valuable insights and the support service, on the rare occasions we need it, is extremely helpful and efficient."
Darren Ramowski
Managing director
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  • Send 10,000 emails per month
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  • Contact management
  • Analytics
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