A true white label email marketing platform

Use a robust email marketing platform seamlessly and completely branded to your business.

Many white label service providers allow you to customize your account by uploading a logo or selecting a handful of custom colors and a domain prefix.

By comparison, Cakemail gives you complete flexibility with design, branding, domains, and more. We fade completely into the background — your customers won’t even know we exist. Exactly what you should expect from a Cakemail white label platform!

Full app rebranding

Add your own logo, colors, custom CSS, languages and integrated tools to adapt the entire user experience to your brand.

Custom domain for app and tracking links

Customize every detail. Sending, tracking, bounces, and other domains can be completely customized using your own domains.

Email Authentication

Authentication is a way of showing that the sender is who they say they are. This is particularly important because you are saying to the world that Cakemail has permission to send email on your domain’s behalf. We support DKIM (shared or dedicated) and SPF/SenderID, as well as DMARC methods of authentication. We encourage our clients to support these methods too, as they ensure a high rate of delivery.

Want to start using Cakemail? Integrate it? Resell it?