The Ultimate Checklist Before You Send your Email

Follow this checklist to make sure your communication is optimized and help you improve your email marketing effectiveness.

General information

☐ From Name and Email: Is the sender recognizable?

☐ Reply-to address: Is it a real email? (check for typos or unwanted spaces) and avoid noreply and role accounts.

☐ Subject: Make sure you have no typos in your subject and that it’s explicit. Optimize your subject line.

If you use merge fields:

☐ Preview as: Check at least 3 different contacts to make sure the information displays properly


☐ Do you have the link to show the email on the browser?

☐ Do you explain that the subscriber signed up for the newsletter?

Email body:

☐ Do all the images display properly?

☐ When you mouse over the images, is there a clear alternate text that pops up?

☐ Do all the links work?

☐ Do the links bring you to where they are supposed to land?

☐ Are special characters displaying properly?


☐ Do you have a mandatory unsubscribe link [UNSUBSCRIBE]?

☐ Do you have the [CLIENT.ADDRESS] tag? Does your address appears correctly?


☐ Send yourself a test email (you might also want to send it to a second email of yours or a friend to check for typos) so you can see what your recipients will see.

☐ Make sure to test the text version as well as the HTML version of your email.

☐ Send yourself another test after you changed something.

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