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Subject Lines Do’s and Don’ts

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Subject line is a key to interaction with your subscribers. Here are a few ideas to master the art and grow your opening rates!

The Personalized Subject Line

  • Lifehacks for your IPhone
  • It’s back! Your favorite item restocked
  • Attract new customers to your company with $50 in advertising credits!
  • We are absolutely sure you will love this Chris
  • Uh-oh, your prescription is expiring
  • What Did You Think? Write a Review.
  • Important Weather Advisory

The Seasonal Subject Line

  • Roll out the red carpet! Up to 40% off sale ends tomorrow
    – Snapfish, using Oscars weekend
  • Mesh: Beat the heat
    – Nike summer shoe collection
  • The Remedy For Dad Bod
    – Father’s day promotion from Your Tea
  • Temperatures Fall, Style Rises
    – Retailer selling coats

The Curiosity Gap Subject Line

  • If you’re not watching these, you’re missing out
  • You forgot something
  • We are in your home
  • A Pain-Free Copywriting Process: 5 Key Questions You Must Answer
  • Do You Know This #1 Fiction Writing Trick For Compelling Business Content?

The Humor Subject Line

  • Where to Drink Beer Right Now
    (Sent at 6:45am on a Wednesday)
  • Deals That Make Us Proud (Unlike Our Nephew, Steve)
  • Try To Avoid These 27 People On New Year’s Eve
  • NEW! Vacation on Mars
  • Yes, I’m Pregnant. You Can Stop Staring At My Belly Now.

The Dont’s

The all CAPS screamer:

The Punctuation Abuser:
!!! We are so excited to share our new line of products with you !!!

The From Label Repeater and Generic Snore:
Company name – [Company name] weekly newsletter

The Fake Reply:
Re: We are happy to help you

The Emoji fanatic:
🫶 Its Friday, 😎-Day! 🏖️🗽🏕️

The False Alarm:
URGENT – Exaggerated subject line here

Use the preheader appropriately: Don’t

  • Don’t let HTML tags in the way
  • Don’t double the text with the preheader
  • Don’t use just a big image so we only see the unsubscribe link!

Use the preheader appropriately: Do

  • Personalize
  • Make it fun and engaging
  • Let them overview the content
  • Make it incentive

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